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This is a logo for a video production company based in Florida.
Engage your audience and share your story with captivating video today.

Let's create content.

Audiences respond to videos more than any other form of communication. Share your story with us at slick.vid Productions and we'll craft a video strategy for you. We'll advise on what type of video content you need to achieve your goals. Pre-production, video capture, and post production are all handled under one roof.


Depending on the scope of your video, pre-production can include hiring voiceover talent, writing a script, location scouting, storyboarding, and more. Talent is hired and managed by us, so you can sit back, review, and share your feedback.

What We Do


Lights, camera, action! This is where we roll cameras and capture all the video material we need. We can shoot on location, in a studio, or at the location of your business.


This is where the real magic happens. Video is often shot out of sequential order, but everything comes together when the pieces are put into place during the editing process. Drafts are shared with you on your website of choice (YouTube, Dropbox,, etc.) and once approved, a Download link will be sent to you. We archive our videos and raw materials. You know, just in case.

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